An Overview of Fredo’s ‘Money Can’t Buy Happiness’ – With Words From Producer Kyle Evans

Fredo dropping Money Can’t Buy Happinesshas already landed him a number two position in the UK charts. Given this incredible outcome within the album’s first week on streaming platforms, it's only right to give an overview of this cohesive body of work.

The Visuals Definitely Delivered

Considering the insane concept that successfully won viewer attention, there’s no surprise that ‘Money Talks’ sparked conversations about an early video of the year nomination. Fans who are in close touch with pop culture would have instantly caught the references to DC’s 'The Dark Knightand Christopher Nolan’s 2020 masterpiece 'TENET’.

Components from both films were introduced which included an enormous stack of notes - that are burned to ash by the time the song concludes - and the reversed visual effect of the Money Talks storyboard - which successfully provide context to the characters behind the narrative being portrayed.

In both cases, a sense of clarity is brought to what Fredo and Dave are verbalising – as this video’s creative direction (with input from a talented Edem Wornoo) illustrates the power struggle an individual can experience with money, just from owning it.

It’s Hard to Ignore the Features and Solid Composition of Each Track

MCBH gave us eleven tracks with versatile production. Biggest Mistake (produced by Arkz Beats) fulfilled its role as a powerful opener, giving the West London rapper a safe space to unleash his wrath. As well as a conversational style collaboration from the artist and executive producer ‘SANTAN’ Dave, Fredo called on DBE’s Young Adz, the late NYC drill rapper Pop Smoke, and Summer Walker to join him. Burner on Deck falls under a sound that can be best defined as ‘Trap Drill’ and because of its unique production (by Yoz Beatz), the song may go on to serve as the beginning of a new wave started by this sub-genre. The sampling of Fugees 1996 Ready or Not in Ready (featuring Summer Walker, with production by Mojam) really highlighted the eerie, real rap nature brought to us in the album following on from the initial releases of What Can I Say and Back to Basics, both of which gave insight to the persona Fredo was returning to the scene with.

What Did Producer Kyle Evans Have to Say About the Part He Played?

Having previously collaborated with Dave on the award-winning 'Psychodrama' and worked with various artists (which include the likes of Fraser T Smith and Youngs Teflon) producer Kyle Evans gave his own take in response to the following questions:

Considering you provided additional mixing and production on 'Money Can't Buy Happiness', how do you feel about your contribution to this sophomore album, and the outcome of Spaghetti?

I feel like Dave and I were able to help take Fredo’s sound to the next level without compromising his artistic integrity or altering the essence of the music that we have seen Fredo release in the past.

I am very happy with the outcome of Spaghetti. It successfully combines the trap sound that we have seen Fredo on before with tracks like Netflix & Chill and Scorpion, but with fresh new musical elements such as advanced piano lines and live strings in the breakdowns.

How has your experience of working on this project differed from previous ones for works that you have produced?

Working on this album has differed from others I have been involved with in the past as with MCBH I was more involved in the overall album instead of just the one or two tracks that I produced. This includes tracks that had already been produced by some extremely talented producers such as Ready, I Miss, and Biggest Mistake. Adding or changing elements to take the tracks to where they needed to be by working closely with Dave - the executive producer of the album - is what I would say made this process different from any others that I have been involved with.

This album's title speaks for itself and disputes a perception many might have with regards to money’s ability to buy us happiness. The raw nature Fredo has presented to listeners is one that they have been receptive to, and it will definitely transcend through time.

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